Our vision is ensure our clients can thrive without worries, by achieving zero losses (in USD) due to hacks/exploits during normal operation. We will achieve this by providing an End to End (E2E) suit


AЯMRD is a brand and suite of services by Intelligence On Chain, aimed at raising the bar on security in Web 3.0, by providing a complete security solution for all projects, organisations and businesses that utilise cryptocurrencies.
There is a lack of end-to-end security providers out on the market today
With IOC's tenure, reputation and diligent work ethic, we've been able to unite some of the best companies and experts, all under one roof!
Our vision is simple, we're working toward a Web 3.0 world where there are zero losses as a result of normal operations.
We're bringing together the best security focused minds, products and services all under one roof, offering our clients the best solutions, included in a single subscription model
Where traditional security organisation are silo'd by their design, as in specialised in typical one or two areas, we're providing our clients with the opportunity to become fully protected across their whole project, in one monthly payment
In today's crypto world many security organisations are focussing on one or two areas, leaving attack vectors open for exploitation.
AЯMRD removes these silos and brings everything under one roof, for one monthly cost. From the moment you start designing your smart contracts, all the way throughout your life cycle, we provide you with the security you need to Thrive Without Concern!
Did you know? We can detect and prevent exploits in real-time!
We bring all of these services together under the AЯMRD brand
Our services are as follows but not limited to:
  • Simulation and testing of smart contracts
  • Identification and anonymity services, designed for project owners to build trust with their community
  • Full Discord design (from scratch) or full audit
  • Social media security audits (Re: many X hacks)
  • Community Education using our partners FREE education or customised packages tailored to your need
  • Website/Social Media impersonation take-downs
  • Live alerts on impersonation URLs
  • Real-time smart contract protection
  • Real-time Liquidity Pool monitoring and protection
  • MEM Pool protection based on your requirements
  • Expert crisis planning and policy building
  • Urgent crisis management support
  • Criminal or Civil investigations (private or public cases)
  • Fully documented reports that can be used by lawyers or law enforcement to enforce action
  • De-mixing services for any mixer on any chain, reducing the anonymity of money laundering tools
  • Retainer services for ongoing consultation
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