Our Vision

Our vision is simple - Every decision that we make, is aimed at one thing only - achieving zero losses in financial losses for our clients! Our mission is to safeguard our clients from any financial losses through unwavering dedication to security measures. While the pursuit of absolute risk elimination may seem daunting, it serves as our guiding beacon, galvanising our teams to consistently prioritise the protection of our clients' financial interests.


This is arguably the most important element in order to achieve zero losses! Collaboration allows us to consistently seek improvement, technologies and inspiration for new offerings as a part of the overall. Even prior to our launch (April 30th 2024) we've already built up an impressive roster and this will continue to grow over time as we push for zero losses.


Our top priority is to prevent financial losses. That is why we want to help you from inception. We want you to enter the market with secure code, a secure community hub like a Discord Server or Telegram, along with verified and accountable team members! We'll even help educate your community.


We offer Web 3.0 projects the ultimate protection, including brand protection, crisis planning, crisis management and real-time threat analysis and protection. This means that even if our preventative measure fail, you're still protected.


As a back up to Prevent and Protect, Pursue is where we stand out from the rest! We offer you all this protection and if it fails, we will work with law enforcement, lawyers and our network to help you recover the assets all included in the pricing.

Our services:

  • Simulation and testing of smart contracts

  • Identification and anonymity services, designed for project owners to build trust with their community

  • Full Discord design (from scratch) or full audit

  • Social media security audits (Re: many X hacks)

  • Community Education using our partners FREE education or customised packages tailored to your need

  • Website/Social Media impersonation take-downs

  • Live alerts on impersonation URLs

  • Real-time smart contract protection

  • Real-time Liquidity Pool monitoring and protection

  • MEM Pool protection based on your requirements

  • Expert crisis planning and policy building

  • Urgent crisis management support

  • Criminal or Civil investigations (private or public cases)

  • Fully documented reports that can be used by lawyers or law enforcement to enforce action

  • De-mixing services for any mixer on any chain, reducing the anonymity of money laundering tools

  • Retainer services for ongoing consultation

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