From Design to Launch and Beyond

ARMRD is as much about design as it is end product. By designing a secure platform from the start you stand a much better chance of longer term success

Whether your project is still in inception or whether you have already launched, we're available to support you, when you need it the most. Whilst we do prefer to be involved from design, we can and will offer our services retrospectively to any project who wishes to enhance their security.


When you conceive an idea and you want to begin building the code, we can advise you along the way. Our auditors are on hand for you to take advantage of as you build your ecosystem. We're able to build your secure Discord server or Telegram channel for you removing the hassle of doing it yourself, whilst focusing on security.

Building secure social media accounts and understanding best practices when sharing public content is critical to minimise the risk to your community.

We can KYC your whole team, verify their identities and check their history - providing you with a comfort blanket, knowing that your whole team are accountable for their actions. If one of your KYC'd team members go against the grain, we'll be there immediately by your side and working with law enforcement to provide justice.

Post Launch Protocols

Regardless of when you project started, we can help. Whether we set-up realtime threat analysis for your smart contract or liquidity pool, or help you understand how best to manage your treasury and team wallets securely, we're here to help.

Our realtime threat analysis has already saved millions of dollar from falling into the wrong hands. Depending on the design of your smart contract and the connection to our tools, we might even be able to pause trading prior to the attack being confirmed in the mem pool.


For many of the above topics and more, we're able to offer retainer services so that you have the experts by your side, when you need them. Please enquire with us if this is of interest

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